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Why rustic design? I really love country music…Ya wanna know why? Because it has heart. It’s the same reason I love Nashville, and the same reason I fell in love with rustic design. There is something so cozy and home-y about rustic design.. It makes you feel like you’re in the middle of no where, and at any moment you can step outside for some sweet tea (or moon shine, don’t judge!) on the front porch. It recycles pieces that have been around for generations – pieces that have an untold history, all their own. It takes you away, while being absolutely beautiful and versatile. It has heart. And, I’m real big on that.

How Dogwood Farms got it’s name: I grew up my whole life in the suburbs of Long Island, New York. Same house, on the same block, my whole life. Dogwood. In the early 1900s, the land that I grew up on, was a stretch of large farmland named: ‘Dogwood Knolls’. When trying to come up with a name for my interior design hobby – I thought nothing felt more home-y than ‘Dogwood Farms’, my heart’s home.

My design background: I graduated with an Associates in Fashion Buying & Merchandising, and then said to myself ‘now what’? I felt like every other girl I knew, had the same degree – and it was becoming a super competitive area. The universe then conspired and led me to a small school on Long Island, for web design.  When I was in high school, kids would pay me to redo their MySpace layouts & html code their AOL profiles – I just never knew this could be a career. Fast forward to today, I have been a Web Designer in the fashion industry, working in New York City, for the last 8 years. Essentially I’m a country mouse, trapped in a city mouse’s body! I have worked for many different well known retailers producing their emails, home pages, and other various web needs. Beyond that I’ve previously had my own business: Love, jpep – my personal & woman-empowering blog.

I hope through this blog you feel the heart that I’ve put into it, and enjoy my adventures along the way.