Because I’m happyyyy!

…and it would appear, overnight, I’m living the life I always wanted.

Suddenly (or perhaps it was being conspired by the universe for quite some time) all of the opportunities I needed, presented themselves at just the right moment.. And now I’m on the ride of my lifetime.

I think I used to see myself as a person floating alone – I had close friends.. Friends that were married with kids, boyfriends, fiances.. which left me sitting alone on weekends. I think we’re all alone, in a sense. Surrounded by our loved ones, always – but on our own in the world. It’s perspective. I was looking at myself lonely and alone – but now, I see myself as adventurous and unstoppable and alone. Alone, I’ll make new friends. Alone, I’ll get my apartment. Alone, I’ll go to the American Comedy Awards and be a seat filler (yeah, that happened). The unknown, alone. How very exciting.

My life is unveiling itself slowly – and it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed it could be. And, while these moments – like so many things in life – may be fleeting.. We must remember to just LIVE in them. Enjoy them for what theyre worth.

Quite the cryptic entry. Apologies.

Just know you are the pilot. You’re in the driver seat for your own life. While you need the circumstances/opportunity to first present itself – make sure when it arrives you run with it.. Take it as far as it can go, and make it everything you want it to be. Sometimes we can’t control our circumstances.. And it’s really easy to feel sorry for yourself. But chin up! Everything, in time. Absolutely everything.

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