Clap along if you feel that happiness is your truth!

Hi ya’ll !

Boyyyyy do I have a treat for you!
While it has come to my attention that a lot of you are not only reading and enjoying my blog – but I’ve received messages and emails from people who tell me that some of my blogs have helped them through something.  So, I’ve decided while there’s a growing audience, to blog more frequently – and redesign this joint. Stay tuned for a whole new look!
In rethinking this whole redesign, my mom (and biggest cheerleader) asked me what my blogs going to be about mainly.. With my passion lying mostly in fashion/style.. Or will the posts talk about relationships, as they have been. I told her I had no clue.
And after some great sleep (thanks Zzz quil!) – I woke up with the answer.
I am forever passionate about empowering people (women mostly, sorry fellas!) – that has been an ongoing theme with all my lovejpep projects – from giving you women a platform for your small business, or going into schools talking about bullying.. I want to empower you to live the happiest life you can, filled with self love. And, the only way I can preach this, is if it’s my truth.
Well surprise, I’m only human..

So it is within these posts of my blog that you can now follow my daily journey – whether it be through fashion, music, interviews, laughs or rants – whatever is empowering me will now empower you.. and perhaps you will learn something for yourself.

..Now let’s dance!

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