It’s time for a PEP talk!

Can ya’ll just take a moment to feast your eyes on this little nugget?

Meet: Kid President. He knows more about positivity and encouragement, than most adults do – and I think we can all learn a lot from him (not to mention his sweet dance moves).

“Robby, age 10. He’s full of life and ideas. Robby has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) a brittle bone condition which has resulted in him having over 70 breaks since birth. What’s inspiring about Robby isn’t his condition, but the fact that his condition doesn’t define who he is. In spite of all he’s been through he not only keeps going – he dances.”

In the spirit of Robby, let’s dance!

I wanna see you be brave!

Good Morn!

I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed by my goals and ambitions.. Perhaps even, defeated.
Buttttt then I had some coffee and snapped out of it. 
You are the only person standing in the way of yourself. Anything you can dream, can be real for you. You are capable of changing your life – as well as many others. Be the change.
If you don’t believe me – maybe this bing commercial will convince you.
Now, dance:

Ten things your single friends are tired of hearing..

In keeping with the theme of a-many gchat comments and text messages that have come my way today – I thought it only appropriate to post this up.  I didn’t write it, but I really wish I had.  Just a note that she may or may not be a little more angry than most are about the whole single sitch, haha.  Please laugh and don’t take all this too seriously.

1) “You’ll find it when you aren’t looking!”
This is typically where your advice starts.  ”It’ll come along when you least expect it,” is also “You’ll find it when you aren’t looking“‘s retarded little sister.  You can all just go fuck right the fuck off after you say this to anyone who is single.  This is a ridiculous statement.  We’re programmed to look for it.  It’s in our genetic makeup and all that scientifick-y shit.  That’s like saying, “hey, you know that dream career you want?  Fuck working at it.  It’ll happen when you least expect it.  One day you’ll be walking down the street and BAM you’ll be a fucking CEO.  And it’ll be success after success for years after, but don’t work for it or anything like that.  Just maybe chill out on this couch.  It’ll come to you.”  You need to stop telling us not to look for it, because let me tell you something, there have been times I have been looking for a pen and instead some serendipitous moron came along that I thought could have been Prince Charming (but turned out instead to be Prince Fuckface,) and there have been days and times and months and years where I wasn’t looking for it, and guess what came along?  A jar of Nutella and a few bananas between some slices of white bread.

2)    “You can’t be happy in a relationship unless you’re happy with yourself first.”
This is true.  BUT there are those of us who ARE actually happy with who we are. BRO. I’m happy with myself.  I’m so fucking happy with myself I actually wake up every morning and brush my teeth with rainbows after I piss excellence and wash my face with glory.  Seriously though, “finding yourself” is a process in life, and I don’t think you’re ever really “done,” per se.  Am I completely different person than I was in college?  Not entirely.  Have I gone through a ton of real world shit that has changed my outlook and made me stronger, happier, more independent, and a fuckload more of a catch?  Yes.  Am I happy with myself?  Yes.  Will I continue to grow and change and all that shit that humans do until they die?  Yes.  Consider that it’s not that all of us happy single people need someone in our lives to dote on us and make us happier, it’s that we’re finally happy and we want someone to share it with.  Also, a lot of you “happy” fucks in relationships seem like you need to have a few weeks on your own to evaluate yourselves.  The incessant need for your boyfriend to text you back within thirty seconds after a text followed by a shitfit may not be the best proof surrounding your statement.  Try again.

3)    “You’re still young, you got all the time in the world.”
You’re still fucking annoying.  We don’t give a shit how old we are.  Age isn’t really what we’re complaining about.  And although many of us are young, we still have examples of people who are old and alone every day.  And that’s terrifying.  So your logic is moot.  Also, don’t call me “kid” at the end of that statement.  If you’re older than me, and you add a “kid” onto the end in a sort of “endearing” way, I will legit find a way to light you and your family on fire.

4)   “You deserve someone who wants to give you everything.”
Hey, shithead, I couldn’t agree more.  Actually after hearing this a couple dozen times it makes me feel like you’re just saying it to avoid the conversation about how depressing it is that no one has come along yet. You could list off a million reasons why I’m worth all the love and unicorns and mermaids in the world, and I would be on your page a hundred percent.  As a matter of fact, I would have written more pages after we were both done being on your page, so that we could also be on those pages as well.  So now that I know what I deserve, what clever thing do you have to say that will make me feel better about the fact that the universe has decided to hold out on giving me the things I deserve?

5)   “You’re looking in the wrong places.”
This one’s particularly good.  Because then I get to ask the follow up question of “then please tell me where I should be looking.” Tell me more about this magical land that you found your significant other?  OH, was it WORK?  Or was it the GYM?  Or were you SET UP?  Please tell me, because I guarantee, I have had some type of dating experience with someone from each place you say is the “right” place to look.  You fuckheads seem to think all of us single people just go out to bars and get trashed and try to marry the first thing that buys us a round of shots.  Just because I go to bars occasionally does not mean I have a belief I’m going to meet the man I’m going to marry in a Cabo Cantina.  Consider that sometimes we just want some vodka and loud music.  You know, to drown out your shitty dating advice.

6)    ”You should try online dating!”
And you should try seeing how much of your head you can fit into an oven.  Internet dating is essentially Craigslist missed connections with direct messaging and a few more pictures of Carl’s body after a workout.  OKCupid,, Christianmingle (WHY GOD, WHY) all of these sites are probably the WORST place to find real love.  Love isn’t something that you should have to read manifestos and “6 things I can’t live without” sections to find.  It’s probably one of the most inorganic ways to find someone, in my opinion, and I’m not knocking it, but there’s no way I’m setting up an online profile for the likes of James, the recently divorced father of three, and Tucker, the obsessive college junior with a wandering eye.  I’ll be at the bar.

7) “You’re too picky.” 
OH, I’M SORRY.  Please, lead me to your lair of Meatloaf look-a-likes and Frankenstein’s with kind hearts.  Let’s be clear, I’m not picky, I’m just trying to make sure I don’t end up with someone half-blind, who is a closeted alcoholic, and has enough emotional baggage to figuratively crash a 747.

8) “Oh hey, but also, never settle.”
I don’t even have anything to say for this.  There’s too much rage from number 7.
9) “You need to put yourself out there more.”
Unless I need to be naked on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. cooking brownies, making sandwiches, throwing paychecks in the air and simultaneously holding twins, I think I’m doing a pretty good job.  But hey, if you have any more advice on REALLY putting myself out there, let me know.  Maybe existing as a human being and going places and meeting people in the world just isn’t enough.
10) “I’m Engaged!” 
Single People Everywhere

via: Constantly Effed 

MY SINGLE ADVICE would be to just let it go. Be open to the possibility of something, but do not let it define you. Do not search for someone else to complete you. You should be complete as you are now. When it’s supposed to happen it will.  You are not in control of it. And, do yourself a favor – STOP listening to everyone else – YOU are the only one who can say what is right for you, right now. (I do realize I sound like a complete contradiction to the above, let’s just ignore it, and move on).

Now, let’s dance! (WARNING: major cheese!)

Clap along if you feel that happiness is your truth!

Hi ya’ll !

Boyyyyy do I have a treat for you!
While it has come to my attention that a lot of you are not only reading and enjoying my blog – but I’ve received messages and emails from people who tell me that some of my blogs have helped them through something.  So, I’ve decided while there’s a growing audience, to blog more frequently – and redesign this joint. Stay tuned for a whole new look!
In rethinking this whole redesign, my mom (and biggest cheerleader) asked me what my blogs going to be about mainly.. With my passion lying mostly in fashion/style.. Or will the posts talk about relationships, as they have been. I told her I had no clue.
And after some great sleep (thanks Zzz quil!) – I woke up with the answer.
I am forever passionate about empowering people (women mostly, sorry fellas!) – that has been an ongoing theme with all my lovejpep projects – from giving you women a platform for your small business, or going into schools talking about bullying.. I want to empower you to live the happiest life you can, filled with self love. And, the only way I can preach this, is if it’s my truth.
Well surprise, I’m only human..

So it is within these posts of my blog that you can now follow my daily journey – whether it be through fashion, music, interviews, laughs or rants – whatever is empowering me will now empower you.. and perhaps you will learn something for yourself.

..Now let’s dance!

I just want some one to say to me, I’ll always be there when you wake..

So I suppose even though there were no false ‘sparks’ – it was still all bullshit.. ?

Mr. Wonderful has went AWAL.

A month ago, I’m sitting there on our first date – across from this gorgeous man.. we talk so much that the time has totally escaped us.  He makes comments about when I meet his mother, and asks me mid-date, when he can see me again.  Two weeks later I’m doing dishes in his sink in a big sweater and cozy socks (he bought for me) – and we’ve just spent the day running errands, and eating dinner with his brother’s family and neighbors. I pause for a moment to feel happy in this minute. Before we went to bed one night, he says to me, ‘Nothing you can say or do can scare me off – this is all exciting.’  Two weeks after that, he’s no longer speaking to me (blatantly ignoring me, in fact) for reasons unbeknownst to myself.  How we went from laying together in bed all day, talking for hours, and staring at one another – to this – I dont know. I can only guess some emotional instability.. perhaps another girl? or maybe just plain boredom – regardless – this is not normal behavior.  In fact, it’s a total mind fuck.

But, its within these moments.. the ones I try to savor – that I think: how sad.  How sad, that I’ve been reduced to these moments.  That bad guy, after bad guy, has come traipsing through my life – to train me to simply live in these moments (and, what’s worse is I really didn’t see this one coming).  I can consciously recall laying next to him, looking at him, and around his well-decorated house, thinking ‘I love this. I’m happy. I dont want this to end’..  and then.. it did.

All we want at the end of the day is NOT for someone to say: I’m still here, I want to be here, and I’m not going anywhere.. but rather, them say it, and actually mean it.  I think that’s all we’re ever looking for..  Right?  Relationships.. Marriage.. Friendships – All revolve around trust, and the simple decision to say ‘hey, I like you, lets take this ride together’.  And, sometimes it’s that fear I spoke about in my previous post, that gets in our way of taking a leap into the unknown with someone.. Because, well, it’s unknown. So many ‘what ifs’ stand in the way.  So much pressure you’re putting on yourself.  When really, it’s all just a trust-fall – and if you sit there and over think all of the reasons not to lean back – you’ll never let-go.  There’s never a right time for any of it.. And, although willing to fall.. I apparently didn’t have the right partner.

But here’s the take-away – here’s my very real and current challenge – learning to accept an apology you’re never going to get. This man has fallen off the face of the earth (in fact, he couldn’t even find it within himself to respond to my ‘Happy New Year’ text), and I’m not even angry about it – as much as I’m just sad, disappointed, and ultimately confused.  Now, my job is to find comfort in the silence. I’ve decided, when met with such disregard this way, the only choice is to forgive.  Forgive in your heart – NOT for them.. You have to do it for yourself.  Carrying around that open-ended situation, is not going to get you anywhere.  So, after a week of running over and over the situation in my head.. Driving myself crazy.. Trying to get him to just talk to me.. Thinking about if I could go back in time to change one variable it would ultimately change this whole outcome – I give up.  I’m letting it go. I recognize now that this whole situation is out of my control. The only thing I can control, is my reaction. 

So, when met with silence, forgive.  Know this is not a YOU issue, but a THEM one, and roll on babe. And, when met with something really amazing – close your eyes, stop thinking, take a deep breath, and fall baby.