Have a fearless new year.


Well 2013, you suck. Just when I thought I was being rewarded for have surviving your suckiness, you managed to suck even more ! You truly sucked all the way to the very end. Congrats on that. 

Reflecting on some sort of resolution, I feel overwhelmed by things I am putting off, things I want to accomplish. I feel it is the plight of the ambitious – that we have all of these ideas and dreams we’re chasing – which causes us to be overwhelmed, and in turn, not do anything at all. So my goal in 2014, as my career finally settles where it should, I think it’s time to focus on some of my dreams, my big ideas, my goals. But maybe this isn’t a post about goals and dreams – maybe it’s about what prevents them: fear. 

What is that cliche line.. You may not see the whole staircase, but just take the first step.

 Isn’t that always the case ? We think so far in to the future, about all of the things that could go wrong, and that creates fear.. So we give up entirely on everything. You might be missing out on some great adventure. And, what’s the worst that could happen really? You fail? You’ll get right back up, and everything will work itself out. That’s life.

Fear is in our heads. We overthink situations, and create this negative vibe. Some of us (myself included) will create entire story lines, or complete situations. Like when you’re going to get a tattoo – you imagine it to be this awful, terrible pain – but when you’re finally in the chair you realize – oh, this isn’t how I imagined it would be. It might still hurt, but this is a lot less scary than I imagined. 

We are getting in our own way. 

When you let this fear win, you miss out on chances, life’s opportunities, relationships. So stop feeding your fear. Stop letting it win. Leave it in 2013. And, take a chance for once. Who knows where it will lead ? You will be invigorated by the rush of stepping out of your comfort zone. And, even more rewarded when something is accomplished. 

Good luck to you all in 2014! 

Here’s hoping it’s better than the last. 

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