Miss me?

 Oh hi. Its me.

Fall came, and life – as it tends to do – happened. I lost people I loved. The Tri-state area was hit hard with a hurricane. My positivity was side-tracked. And, that’s okay. That happens.

But, here I am – its a gorgeous, sunny Valentines Day – and I’m on my way.

I have decided for this Valentines Day – to celebrate the strong women in my life. Although the seas in my life have finally calmed (for the moment) – it seems that everyone else’s around me has gotten quite rough (a complete understatement). And since I know how very rough those seas can be.. And sometimes it can feel like you’re out there all alone.. I have decided to celebrate them.

How lucky I am to have such strong women to set an example for me. Women who stare hardship in the face and say, ” Okay, how are we going to deal with this.. Because you’re not gonna break me”. This is something we ALL have inside of us. For some of us, it’s hiding way – wayyyyy – inside. For others, it’s just starting to resurface. And, then there are the others – the ones who found this very early on – and never let it go. I am so lucky to have many of THIS kind in my life. What an amazing example.

So, as I sit and watch each one of these women hold on, while their worlds get shook up – and not be able to do anything for them – other than offer the words, “I’m here for you”.. I decided to take a little action. I cannot make their problems go away, but what I can do – is remind them how strong and loved they are. For each woman I wrote out a card – included a flower, and left it on their doorstep. It read:

A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely. She is both soft and powerful. Her tears flow as abundantly as her laughter. I am thankful to have such strong women in my life – and I have decided to celebrate them this valentines day. Please know how grateful I am to have you, a strong woman, in my life.
Love, Justine

I invite you to join the celebration. Whether you have strong women in your life who can use a reminder or a little push forward to help them keep going.. Or, if you need to do a little self discovery and find your inner power – there’s no better day than today, a day of love, to do it.

Happy Valentines day ya’ll.