Burn baby, burn!


Apologies on my absence! September was not my month!

While coming off a very successful Girls Night Out event [woowoo!] – my world pretty much got turned upside down!  I have worked so hard to keep my life drama-free and cut the negative out.. and it would appear that the drama had been building up in the universe, and seemingly caught up with me in a matter of three weeks.  one..thing..after..another.

In the midst of all of this, a lesson was to be learned (as there always is) – and that lesson is to decide which bridges were worth burning, and which deserved to be rebuilt.  For me, in my heart, I felt most instances were worth saving.  So, I had an adult and honest conversation with most parties involved in each conflict – and resolved each issue.  But, there are some scenerios where these bridges had to burn.   When someone else’s issues, bring your energy down – they’ve gotta go!

While at a place where I am mending so many fences, and making decisions on who I allow to stay in my life, and who no longer serves a purpose here – I was compelled to take a look at my past and revisit some bridges I had burnt.  I discovered sometimes, we burn bridges out of fear and hurt.  In certain cases I had burnt bridges because it was easier to put the blame on someone else, without truly looking at myself – and accepting some blame.  Upon examining these instances – I wrote a nice long letter to this person..  maybe for them.. maybe to ‘free’ them of anything they felt they did wrong – or maybe to ‘free’ me – and make peace with my past.

All in all – I’ve learned a lot this month.  I’ve learned to be very careful who you let in to your life, your heart, your trust.  And, in severing people from your life – be very sure that’s something you’re willing to live with.  Lastly, it’s never too late to say something you want to say – it may not always turn out the way you’d like – but you will no longer walk around wondering the ‘what ifs’.  Make peace with your past, and move to the future – they are directly connected.

That’s all.