As you map out your life… do it in pencil.


Growing up, I always saw myself following in the path of my parents – married by 20, two kids by 26 – business owners.. the whole deal.  Here I am, three-years-to-thirty, living home – single.  But, I’m okay with this.  More than okay – I’m happy.

Do you know how easy it would’ve been to marry my first boyfriend at 20, and have that life?  But, I made the decision – in fact, I’ve made a series of decisions – that have gotten me to this point in my life today.  Those people weren’t right for me and the time wasn’t either.

As far as careers go – I’ve always been a worker.  I started working at 14 years old. And, really – never stopped.  I have ran my own businesses since I was 21 years old.  Five startups to be exact.  Every single one of them failed.  But, from every unsuccessful business, I have taken away a lesson.  Each project, fueled the next.  All of these projects, fueled my desire to be a business owner like my parents each individually are.  And, finally – with my 6th attempt – I have a successful formula working for me now.

My point here is: life is NOT going to ever turn out how you think it will.  Would 8 year old jpep be disappointed to know I’m not 3 kids deep by now? Probably.  But, she’d love me anyway. ;) There’s going to be bumps in the road, there’s going to be twists – but, that’s what makes the journey that much more worth it.  How very boring life would be – if everything turned out according to plan.

And, believe me I know.. It’s really easy to sit around and sulk about how you think everything SHOULD be – or question the what-if’s, had you made a different decision – or worry about where ‘society’ says you should be at this point in your life.  But, don’t make that choice.  Choose to be happy – choose to take a step every single day to your goal.  Make a plan. Try your best to stick to it.  Your life is all your own, and you’ve gotten yourself to whatever point you’re at now. Everything is as it should be.  It is up to you to decide where you want to take it next – and HOW you’re going to get there.

Safe travels friends. <3

It’s a girl thing..

Hi Haterzzz.

In light of recent events, I’d like to speak on something super serious: girl on girl crime.

UGH! Is there anything worse?  Women hating on each other – tearing other women down about their looks, their jobs, their goals, their accomplishments.. anything they can get their hands on!

When I was going in to class rooms speaking on bullying – I would tell the kids that these bullies were actually the people you needed to feel sorry for – because within these bullies, was sadness.  Bullies have insecurities, so in order to take the pressure off them – they.. well.. bully.  They’re picking on you, because they aren’t confident with themselves.

Well ladies.. you’re a bunch of bullies!

We are women.  We are beautiful, nurturing, life-givers! As a female, we are instantly part of a sisterhood.  But, so many of you don’t get that.  Trust me, when I was younger – I didn’t get it either.  Our struggles are all our own, but no one can relate to the plite of a woman – like another woman! So, you need to check yo self, before ya reck yo self honey!

Take a long hard look at yourself.  When another woman in your life comes to you with great news of accomplishment.. are you happy? or are you jealous? That jealousy is coming from something unfulfilled within yourself and your life – don’t take it out on your friends new found achievements! When you see a gorgeous girl, with a fantastic body, and an amazing outfit.. do you compliment her? ..or do you call her a ‘bitch’ or worse, a ‘slut’ (CRINGE!!!)?  If you don’t like the way you look, that’s your own problem.  Start taking steps to improve that! Start loving yourself! Don’t take it out on the girl that has already found her self-love.

And, listen, I get it – there are women (and men) out there, who are very unfortunately, just miserable.  You’re going to encounter them.  But, much like the bullies – you need to feel sorry for them – and keep it moving.  Don’t let anyone steal your happy.

My point here is, much like those bullies, women are hating on other women – and it all boils down to the one same ugly word: insecurities.  You have to be confident in who you are – instead of hating on your own team! Think twice before you go to put someone else down, just to make yourself feel good (for two seconds.. it really doesn’t have lasting effects does it?).  And, say to yourself ‘WHY am I reacting this way?’. Figure it out. Loving yourself, opens your heart for so much more love in your life.

So go get warm and fuzzy with some new gal pals, instead of calling them names, k? k.