Motivational Monday !

Hey Beauts!
For those of us that live on the east coast, we live all year in anticipation for the three months of summer we get. Summer, along with life, is way too short! So – your homework folks – is to sit down with your better half, family, or just yourself – and create a ‘Summer Bucket List’! Put down things you’ve been waiting all year for the nice weather to do!  Then.. GO DO THEM!
Every summer I try to get to Fire Island a couple times.  There is not a more relaxed place in New York! I love everything about it! Check it out..


Goldie’s Golden Rules..

Hola amigos,
I’m honestly not sure how, at the ripe age of 16, I was able to sit in a dark room and sleep every single day. (For those of you who DONT know – I suffered from ‘chronic migraines’ – a migraine every single day from 16-18).  I have been down and out for four days now – and, my whole mood is thrown off ! So YUCK! But, while I’m laying here biding my time with daytime tv – Dr. Oz had Goldie Hawn on (I adore her ever since her days of Overboard!).  And she has some amazing tips for staying young, and mentally sound.
1. Take Brain Breaks
Stress negatively affects the brain. When you feel stressed out, your brain goes into emergency-mode and shuts energy away from the areas tied to learning and memory. Recognize when this happens and give yourself a mental break with focused breathing or meditation. Studies have shown that people who meditate increase the density of certain areas of their brains. If you can’t meditate, try listening to music or staring at a wall. The break will help you see things more clearly and reduce stress.
2. Focus, Focus, Focus
Focusing on a specific taste or a smell helps strengthen critical networks in the brain, which improves decision-making and helps to regulate your moods. Goldie slows down her brain by blindly tasting jelly beans. She pinches her nose and guesses the flavor by taste alone. She then repeats the exercise with only smell. Develop control over what you pay attention to by directing your focus.
3. Kindness Is Key
As with exercising any muscle, you can grow your brain’s ability to care. Acts of kindness and empathy stimulate a release of dopamine called the “helper’s high.” This helps to improve memory, ease depression, and alleviate pain.

Summer Shoppin’ !

Hello Kitties..

I’ve been down and out in bed all week.  So what else is a girl to do.. but shop?  Luckily for me it’s on someone else’s tab! Jo (my mom) & John (my daddio) – gave me a fantastical gift card to ASOS for christmas, which I wisely hung on to for some summer finds.  Below are my picks ! They are onnnn their way to me – and I can not wait to rock ‘um over the next few months!

Motivational Monday!

Hello little chickens.

As your positive leader on this motivational monday, I must admit I have some clouds today.  Mostly because I think I have ran myself down and am getting sick – but, also because.. I’m human! 
In light of recent events, I will say life gives us hurdles and it is up to us to decide how we are going to handle these hurdles.  Each and every one of us will react to the very same hurdle, in our own individual way.  And, it is up to us, and only us, to decide what to do next.  We should always keep in mind that given any situation – there are always two choices we can make: 1. DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE IT 2. DO NOTHING AND MOVE ON.  Either way, your problem will not be solved by worrying.  Do not add this stress in to your life – as it will not aid anything.  ACT, REACT, or MOVE ON.
I can tie in to this my own personal situation – instead of wallowing in pity – I am learning to take certain things for what their worth, and not expecting more.  As a personal flaw, I tend to expect a lot from people – because I am willing to do that much for them.  But, we must accept that NOT EVERYONE IS YOU.  Which is a hard thing to swallow sometimes. So, my choice is to roll with the punches on this one.

What is a hurdle you have encountered recently? How are you choosing the deal with it ?  Stop worrying and make a choice on it ! At all times, remain positive.