Dear Little Jpep..

This past weekend I had the pleasure and honor of hosting the 2012 Miss Teen New York Pageant.  Not only was it amazing to meet some of these 68 contestants in the Jr. Teen category I was assigned to, but it was also so comforting to see what an amazing job some of these mothers and fathers are doing to keep their daughters on the right track.  These young girls have already accomplished so much – and were involved in way more than I was at their age.  And, what an amazing feeling it was to sit before these young women and think they have their whole lives ahead of them – oh, the places they will go! 

Looking back at your 15 year old self.. what advice would you give to yourself?  What would your younger self think of you?

I think 15 year old Jpep would feel I was doing a pretty damn good job! She’d be pretty surprised at what she looks like as an adult.  As for my advice to little Jpep – it would be: Keep your (my?) chin up.  You’re gonna survive. Every bump in the road is going to make you stronger – and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Be yourself and love who you are. The beauty that is inside of you, will come out – once you let it. 

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