Diary of a positive, white woman..

I’m gonna say it – I’m a Tyler Perry fan.  It may be because he’s super handsome and has a sexy voice OR it may be because he makes the funniest movies with a positive message.  There are certain people in this world that my mother and I affectionately call ‘Warm&Fuzzy’ people.  These people are far and few – and the bottom line is – they’re genuine.  Watch the vlog of Tyler Perry below – and you’ll see why I feel he falls in to that category. 

Single ladies can I hear ya’ll? Single ladies, MAKE NOIZE!

So, while I’m still on hiatus for New York Fashion Week – I wanted to make sure I touched base with all my single ladies as Valentine’s Day dismally approaches us.  BUT, girlllll – NO MAN? NO PROBLEM! Valentine’s day is about love – so use the day to LOVE and CELEBRATE yourself!  If you can’t arrange for a fabulous night with some friends – I’ve come up with  some alternative plans for you!

1. PAMPER YOURSELF! You deserve it! Get a mani/pedi/spa treatment!
2. RELAX! My favorite [and cheap] bottle of wine to help me do, just that!
3.No need to wait for someone else to send you your favorite flowers – do it yourself!
4. Splurge a little on something you’ve been wanting for a while! ;)
5. Rent a classic movie or a new one you’ve been meaning to see!
6. Order in your favorite meal.
7. Indulge in some dessert! Live a little! [I suggest Truflets.com]
Happy Valentine’s Day boo. <3