Swap meet machine!

 Check out this super eco-savvy vending machine!  Forget candy and soda – this vending machine is helping teach the lesson of ‘ReUSE and ReCYCLE’ ! f

“The Swap-o-Matic, created by the New York City-based designer Lina Fenequito, is a vending machine that lets you “recycle things you no longer need and get things you want—all for free.” You create a Swap-o-Matic account by entering an email address on the machine’s touch screen. You’re then issued three credits. You can earn more credits by donating items to the machine and spend them by getting items in the machine that someone else has donated.”

Locate a Swap-o-Matic near you >> 

If you build it – they will come!

 Today, I stumbled upon an old list I made, circa 2008, of goals I wanted to achieve.  The list read as followed: JOB, GRADUATE, CAR, COMPANY – well CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!  How amazing it was to see I had accomplished everything I had wanted. 
This list was hung on my overcrowded, outdated vision board.  The board is something I’ve kept since 2007 – as a constant reminder of things I want to get done, things I believe in, people I love, reminders to myself – nothing but.. good, positive things.  As a part of life, I think it’s super important to try to endlessly better ourselves, accept ourselves, and maintain positivity.  A step towards doing this – is a vision board.  The basis of these boards is that positivity attracts positivity.  If you are constantly reminding yourself of where you are – and where you want to be – and every day taking a step towards those places – they WILL happen.  So, today I decided to do a little visual board refreshing – taking down some old, achieved goals – and putting up some new ones.  I’d like to urge you all to do the same!
Sit down, relax, get quiet with yourself, and make a list: of things you want in life, things you want to accomplish, emotions, career moves, life changes.. anything! Take out some magazines and start tearing out images and words that remind you of these things.  DREAM BIG!  Last, collage your cut outs on a corkboard, poster board, cardboard, a piece of paper – it can be as big or small as you want it to be!  Now hang it some place you’re going to see it – every single day!  
Here’s a little sneak peak at mine:
In the aftermath of the Giants win last night – and New York headed to this years Superbowl – I find it only appropriate that I share this commercial that is due to air during the Superbowl.  An old friend and Long Island resident, Zachary Borst – founder of Goat Farm Films, chaser of dreams, and all around good guy – won Chevrolet’s Route 66 Super Bowl ad contest.  

“We asked filmmakers to depict life’s journey and how Chevrolet is there along the way,” said General Motors Global Chief Marketing Officer Joel Ewanick. “When I saw Zach’s spot, I had to laugh, because the situation is something many families can related to – expectation and reality. ‘Happy Grad’ clearly shows the passion that Chevrolet elicits.”

Zach’s commercial will reach 110 million television viewers on Superbowl Sunday.  A large beginning to, what I believe will be, a very large career.  Congrats Zach!