Lets bring our lessons learned in to the new year! Happy Holidays!

To all of my amazing readers, 
   Well guys,  it’s been a hell of a year.  It has brought a lot of growth and more recently, some trying times – both within my career and my family – matched with some exciting opportunities.  Regardless, there’s no time better than the present, and the holidays, to get centered, realize what is truly important, and reflect on what it is I have learned – to bring in to the new year.
   So, my advice to you (as cliche as most of these are, they are the truth) – goes as follows: Cherish the good people around you. Cut anyone out who doesn’t want GOOD for you – they are dangerous for your soul.  Feel blessed to have what you have, and stop concentrating on what you don’t.  Get motivated. Dream big dreams, and every day take a step towards making one of those dreams come true.  Become at peace with yourself – confident and proud in the person you are.  The only person that can complete you – is YOU. Make no apologies for who you are. Empower yourself – and then pay it forward. Deal with problems head on.  You always have two choices:  fix/change it or move on.  Stop sweating the small stuff.  Everything, really does, have a way of working itself out.  Listen to your gut – it is never wrong.   Listen to what people are saying, and what they’re NOT saying.  Be positive – it will attract positive things in to your life.  Everyone is not YOU – don’t expect them to be. Don’t just live life, experience it.  Get excited for what your future holds.
Going in to the new year, I wish you all success (how ever you’d like to measure it), love (for your self), and peace (in your life). Thank you all for your support and kind words.  It means more than you’ll ever know.
See you in the new year.

Stephanie Hirsch !

Stephanie Hirsch combines my two favorite things on the planet – fashion & words.  Her bio states that she constantly conveys one simple message: “Religion is for people that don’t want to go to hell. Spirituality is for those of us that have been there.”  
“To convey her messages, she bridges the gap between fashion and art by utilizing beads and embroidery, which give her artwork a three-dimensional depth. The metallic sheen of the medium also serves to remind us that the mantras can shine a positive light on our inner struggles, both literally and figuratively.”

 Make sure to click the link below – to check out more of her work! 

CENTER yo self fool!

So more recently I have been getting a little more ZEN.  I’ve been meditating, reading spiritual guidance books, and just getting more in touch with myself.  Sound crazy? Maybe. But I’m feeling more amazing than I have in a really long time!  That being said – I have discovered Blee Inara – jewelry that expresses, “harmony, good will, bliss and peace.” And, because I love this jewelry and everything it stands of, SO MUCH – I’ve teamed up with The Posh Place – to offer you guys a special deal! Check it out below!

My holiday gift guide!

1. Scarf/Hood/Pocketsa SUPER accessory! this 3-in-1 purchase adds an instant-cool update.
2. Monogram Necklaceadds a little sentiment
3. Spirit Junkie give some positivity to someone this holiday! a great read.
4. My Even More Wonderful World of Fashion Coloring bookfor the fashionista in the making!
5. Wooster Street Tees these tees are adorable and something about them feels like home!
6. Book Ipad CaseMake them think you’re reading the Theory of Relativity while you play Angry Birds.
7. Juicy Ear Muff Headphones – a stylish way to keep warm and carry on!
8. Love, Jpep Custom Shoes – what girl wouldn’t DIE for a pair of these? ;)
9. Nooka Sports Watch – these watches are super modern and clean looking – and come in a variety of shapes and sizes!