"I am not a great believer in fairy tales. Every woman should fight hard for her own happy ending."

   As October 12th is upon us – I thought it only appropriate that I dedicate a blog post to the most amazing couple I know – my parents – and their anniversary.  There are few relationships I have come across in my life, that are as strong, beautiful and real as theirs.  And, when you ask my dad what the secret is – he’ll tell you “true love”. 
   The story goes as follows – Jo meets John at a gas station by her house and proceeds to come back often (sometimes with coffee and a rose in hand – usually to get some “noises” checked out in her car) – in hopes of wooing John.  He, however, was sending some mixed signals – that Jo, could not for the life of her, figure out!  So.. after much persistence – she gave up! And, in due time – got a phone call from John, telling her to come by the gas station – that he needed to talk to her. He then explained he was engaged – and being the loyal man he was – could not pursue Jo.  However, that engagement had since ended.. And, three months later – Jo and John were engaged!  31 years later, they are still living their “happily ever after”.  

If I have half the relationship they do – I will be a lucky girl. (..but I want the whole thing!! ;)

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